The followings are the company‘s scope of service for various engineering and related fields. Ideas how you think as we go through these categories, you’ll quickly realize best essay service that there is overlap in the framework.
Water Resources Engineering/Hydraulic

* Hydrology/Hydraulic

* Flood protection and mitigation

* Telemetering System and flood forecasting/warning

* Early warning system for landslide and flash flood

* Watershed planning and development

* Irrigation and drainage

* Hydroelectric power generation

* Water resources development and management

* Survey and detail design of water resources project

* Application of computer programs for various water resources system analysis

Environmental and Sanitation Engineering

* Waste water collection and treatment system

* Garbage treatment and management

* Air pollution control system

* Water supply system planning and design

* Tap water system

Civil and Structural Engineering

* High buildings and super structures

* Industrial factories

* Other infrastructures

Highway and Transportation Engineering

* Roads/highway/bridges

* Ports/airports

Machinery and Electrical Engineering

* Water pumping system

* Regulation gates and water-release device

* High-pressure water pipe system

* Installation of electrical motor and transformer systems

Shoreline and Coastal Engineering

* Piers and deep-sea port

* Physical and mathematical models

* Wave movement and sediment transportation

Architectural Design and Planning/Landscaping Works

* Urban planning and design

* Land scaping design

Environmental Impacts Studies

* Initial environment evaluation

* Analysis of environmental impacts

* Construction/real estate surveys and appraisals

* Monitor post-construction environmental impacts

* Survey,  development and preservation of natural resources

Regional and Urban Planning and Development

Rural and Agricultural Development

Energy Promotion and Conservation

Establishment and Management of Database System

* Database system

* GIS and MIS

Study Planning Design and Management of Water Resources and Related resources

For the various managerial and service tasks, Sigma can provide one, or more of the following services :
  Survey and analysis of information/data

* Engineering survey (topography survey,

Soil mechanics, asset appraisal/ compensation)

Social, economics, opinions survey

* Preliminary studies and master plan development

* Project feasibility studies

* Economic analysis, finance and investments

* Legal issues, managerial/organization structuring   

* Public relations issues

Turn key service        

* Privatization service

* Detailed construction designs

* Estimation of bill of quantity (BOQ) and cost estimates 

* Preparation of construction related documents

* Project bidding contracts and related documents

* Post-construction operations and maintenances

* Monitoring and inspection and post-construction results evaluation

* Personnel training in operation and maintenance systems

* Specific staff training in project planning,  feasibility studies,  concepts and applications of

mathematical models related to development of water resources, hydraulic  and hydrology