Sigma Hydro Consultant Co., Ltd. (or Sigma) is an engineering consulting firm registered in Thailand with shares held by local shareholders.  The company was established on March 24, 1997 with a registered capital of Baht 5 million.  The company provides various engineering consulting service such as water resources engineering,  civil and structural engineering, environmental and sanitation engineering,  machinery and industrial engineering, electrical engineering,  irrigation  engineering,  shoreline and coastal  engineering,  urban  and regional developments,  energy development  and promotion and set up database management system including GIS and MIS.

    Sigma has been registered to serve as a consultancy firm with the Thai Consultant Database Center, Office of Fiscal Policy under the Ministry of Finance, as a type A consultant No.636 since December 27. 1999, and with the Council of Engineers as an licensed Corporation. for control engineering career under number 0146/45

The company‘s objective is to provide technical and applications consulting service to local and foreign organizations in the public and private sectors.


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