The Study of Environmental Impact Assessment and the Detailed Design of a Regulator in the Ping River in Chieng Mai Province – Royal Irrigation Department

The work involved the studies to determine alternative plans for the development of water resources aimed towards optimum results to alleviate water shortage for agriculture and consumption, and to conserve downstream ecosystem at the end of the upper part of the Ping river i.e. from the downstream of Wang Pan weir in the Ping River, Sob Tia sub-district, Chom Tong district, Chieng Mai province down to Doitao lake.  The work also involved the consideration to select a project of high priority for further studies on its feasibility, environmental impact assessment and detailed design,   which  a  head  regulator   with  ten  12.50  m    wide x 8.00 m high radial gates was proposed to be built across the Ping river in Ban Nhongcun village, Mae Soi sub-district. The estimated beneficial area is 47,359 rais.



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