The Study on the Feasibility of Water Diversion Project in Lamchiengkrai River Basin in Nakorn Ratchasima Province – Royal Irrigation Department

The work involved the establishment of a master plan for the development of water resources in the river basin as well as a master plan for water diversion system from nearby river basin. The work also involved the consideration to select two projects for preliminary studies to assess their feasibility and initial environmental impacts, one is for water resources development and the other is for water diversion management together with the establishment of guideline for practical operation rules. The description of the two projects is listed as follows:

1) The reservoir project in Ban Subkrajai village, Sikew district, NakornRatchasimaProvince is a typical earth dam with the reservoir retention capacity of 4.3 million cubic meters.  The beneficial area for agriculture is 3,700 rais.

2) The water diversion system  project from the Chi river at Ban Nhongkoo village to Lamchiengkrai reservoir (lower part) in Lamchiengkrai river basin  consists of  the construction of control regulator with 5 gates across the Chi river and pumping station with 5 water pumps. The water diversion and supply system is 47.24 km long.

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