The Study, Review, Survey and Detailed Design of Flood Relief Project (Phase II) in Chantaburi Province – Royal Irrigation Department

The work involved the reviewed studies to assess the project feasibility and environmental impact, participatory approach and public relations, as well as the survey and detailed design and the preparation of tender document and technical specifications for flood relief project (Phase II) in Chantaburi province.  The following is a list of project components :

       1) The excavation for new drainage canals and the extension of existing canals as follows :

(1) The excavation for a new diversion canal from the Chantaburi river in front of the rubber dam through Tung Lasal and Tung Srabarb areas linking with Khlong Ang and Khlong Takien canals towards the sea, with the average length of 12 km., being a typical earth canal.

(2) The dredging operations for the extension of the Chantaburi river at 4 sites before the inlet of the new man-made diversion canals and natural waterways.

       2)  The construction of head regulators and appurtenant structures as follows :

(1) Water pumping station and inlet regulator, constructed at four sites, to run water into the new diversion canal.  The size of regulating gate is 6.0 m x 5.5 m.

(2)  Head regulator, at the mouth of the new diversion canal on Chantanimit 5 road, with six 6.0 m x 6.0 m regulating gates.

(3)  Khong Ang regulator, at a connecting area between Tung Srabarb field and Khlong Ang canal, with five 6.0 m. x 6.0 m. regulating gates.

(4)  Control regulator, constructed at four sites, to prevent Chantaburi town from runoff.  The size of regulating gate is 6.0 m x 5.5 m.

      3) The construction and improvement of 10 roads bridges.




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